The Family: work and celebration
The Family: work and celebration

May, 30 - June, 3 2012

The second afternoon of the International Theological-Pastoral Congress: all the summaries

The Conference on the Road: Field Trips to Seven Cities. Common Thread: Work and the Family


On the second day of the International Theological-Pastoral Conference, the Round Tables took place not only in the Conference rooms of FieramilanoCity, but in seven other cities in seven diverse dioceses in Lombardy as well. The common thread was Work, the second of the three topics “Family, Work, and Celebration”.

The gamut of situations was vast, just as the environments described and the kinds of people involved were diverse, underscoring the explicit desire to embrace, through faith, the realities of today’s complex society.  Just as, for example, in Milan, renowned speakers from Italy and South Korea spoke of work in a metropolitan context, with all of the challenges implied.
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In Lodi, instead, a city which is emblematic of the Northern Italian countryside, work in agricultural environments was discussed.
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Como, a city famous internationally for its beauty and its Lake, was the theater for a Round Table on Tourism, from which an interesting proposal for “low-cost tourism for families” emerged.
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Another Lombard city, Varese, known as the “Garden City”, played host to a meeting whose protagonists were a pair of prestigious economists.
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In Milan the relationship between the family and the entrepreneurial world was discussed at a Round Table with various, highly-qualified experts in the field.
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Two different Round Tables focused on the condition of Women in the Workplace.  The first, in Pavia, concentrated on women’s experiences, both past and present, with analysis of data and personal testimony.
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The second encounter, in Milan, dealt with the situation of immigrant domestic collaborators, a who are more and more present on the Italian scene.
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The Conference Center in Bergamo was the theater for a discussion of the situation of Youth, not to be ignored.
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A former ice hockey champion now disabled was among those who testified at the Round Table on the Handicapped, at the Modern “Nostra Famiglia” Pavillion in Bosisio Parini, in the heart of the Brianza region.
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And, in Brescia, one of the most important economic centers in the region, participants discussed “family-style” spirituality in the workplace.
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There were thirty thousand visitors today at International Family Fair at Fieramilanocity, just as there were at the International Family Bookstore.
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